PVC pipe toddler chair

  These are another simple and cheap DIY project that can be done in a few hours. This project was found at Que Linda.  Our boys love these chairs.  They carry these things around everywhere.

   You will need one piece of sturdy fabric such as corduray, denim, or upholstery.  I cut the fabric at 29.5" X 17.5".  I used 1/2" seam allowance.  You can adjust the size of the chair and the fabric just as long as the fabric has enough slack when it's put on the chair.

   Once the fabric is cut, fold right sides together hot dog style and sew the long sides together. Then, move the seam so it is in the center and iron seams open. Sew shorter sides together.  Leave a few inches on one side. Turn it inside out through that opening.
Then lie it flat and fold the short sides towards the middle on the side of the fabric with the seam.  I folded 3" on each side.  Then sew it down.  I ended up sewing two lines so it would take some wear and tear. After you've made two loops on the short ends of the fabric, you're done, and now it's time to work with the PVC pipe.

 All you need is 1 3/4"x10 pvc pipe. Cut into the following sections:
7 sections at 10 inches
2 sections at 6 inches
4 sections at 4 inches
4 sections at 5 inches
This is the best time to clean up the writing on the pipe as well.  Put the pieces together as in the second picture below.  I glued all the pieces together with the exception for the 2 10" pieces that hold the fabric and the 10" piece behind the fabric.  This way we can change out various fabrics depending on what the seasons are and what the boys like at that time.  
  Put all pieces together without the fabric and paint.  Once the paint is dry then  slide the fabric in and enjoy.

Parts needed:
1 3/4"x10 ft
8 3/4" elbows
6 t-shaped pieces
Fabric cut at 29.5"x17.5" with 1/2" seam allowance.


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